Jan 27, 2007

Apology and re-edit

I warned you in the side-bar that I'm practicing on you folks. Last night I was tired but wanted to get my next posting up even though I knew it was still very rough. By putting it 'out there' I knew that I wouldn't be able to procrastinate today but would have to get back to polishing it. So I just did. I should also go back yet once more and add a revision number -- just like a pilot to come up with that idea.

I'm not a natural writer like some people - my ideas often tumble out in a huge blob and require constant massaging to make sense. Hopefully I will improve with practice.

If you read the previous entry and wondered at the number of spelling mistakes and poor grammar and awkward sentences, then chances are you probably read this draft version -- I humbly submit 'revision 1' and thank you again for your patience.



arf said...

One of my job tasks involves writing and teaching writing. There are very few (ie less than 1% of writers) who are "naturals". The rest of us have to shape and work what we do to make it readable. Obviously, that part you have mastered nicely. Cheers.

Aluwings said...

Thanks for the perspective. That's encouraging. I enjoy a well-told story and as someone said, I love the feeling of "having written" (as opposed to the hard work of actually writing).

It's like flying I guess. Practice, practice, practice.