Jan 10, 2007

Absent Minded Pilot - story 2

Expressway 1 Departure

Captain Ren Fortine* had a houseful of friends staying with him over the holidays. They were heading back to Toronto on his flight, so naturally, Ren drove them to the airport. They were running a little late as the car lurched to a stop in front of the Winnipeg departures door. Everyone piled out of the car and Ren hurried inside to grab a luggage cart while his friends unloaded the baggage. He helped them check in at the front counter, then directed them towards the right gate. They joked about having their captain in full uniform ushering them through the terminal building.

Now Ren was getting even later for work so he rushed up to the flight planning center, grabbed his flight satchel, met up with his F/O, who had the flight planning details completed and the two pilots hurried off to their gate rushing to depart on time.

Minutes later, as they climbed through twenty thousand feet, Ren remembered that he'd left his car sitting in front of the terminal building, doors open, engine running.


Aviatrix said...

I've heard that one, with a follow up.

Co-workers spotted the car, knew the captain, took it away, parked it safely and then returned it to the same spot, engine running, just in time for him to find it as he stepped out of the terminal two days later, after his trip.

Aluwings said...

That's an hilarious ending that I hadn't heard. Thanks for adding it. Aviation is a small world, isn't it. I've often heard it said that the measure of a successful career is when you retire, the Chief Pilot doesn't remember your name. Maybe we could add: "and no-one remembers any stories to tell about you!" ;-)

DarkOpera said...

These Captain Fortune stories really would make a brilliant screenplay!

Aviatrix's addition is hillarious!

DarkOpera said...

That would be Fortine...