Nov 27, 2006

Flying is a "Do it yourself" project

It's always been that way. I recall the day I signed up for my private pilot lessons. The chief instructor plunked a huge pile of books, and assorted paraphanelia onto the counter and sent me on my way. For the next three days I sorted through all this material trying to figure out what an 'ammendment' was, and what it was supposed to amend, and what should I try to read before my first lesson. It was befuddling to say the least.

A few years later, when I'd landed my dream job with 'The Airline' I found myself sitting at a desk with a pile of books and amendments (at least by then I knew what that was) and paraphanlia wondering what to read first.

The more things change...


Anonymous said...
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DarkOpera said...

I remember Captain Fortune* sitting before a mountain of paper and little hard-backed binders trying to come to grips with amendments!